Problem With SCX10

I just purchased a used SCX10 and received it in the mail. It’s pretty much stock with: 27T MOTOR, AE-5 ESC (set to lipo mode), and TSX45 servo. The seller forgot to send the tx so I tested it out with the tx/rx in my brushless rc boat (J5C01R receiver). I’m running a 3C 5000 mah lipo battery.

I finally got the truck running but it drove VERY slow and the engine stopped running every couple seconds. When powering it down and starting it up again, it would run intermittently (steering worked but no motor). This was the first time running the truck so I’m not sure if it was supposed to sound this loud or not (see video)

I’m thinking this issue is due to the tx/rx from my rc boat? But I thought any tx/rx could be used between any RC unit.

Here’s a link to a video I took of the issue:


VRC 468x90 Problem With SCX10

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