Project: Long Haul 10.2

Just wanted to share my 10.2 build with the group. I purchased her new a as a rtr on Black Friday here in San Diego. Little did I know this was the beginning of a amazing project.

She came to me stock I went ahead and have made many changes. Here the list:

RC4WD 2 Speed Trans from AX10
Intengy Frame rails
King 110 mm shocks with custom tuned dual rate suspension
Scale 90 mm limiter straps
STRC link kit
STRC axle carriers
STRC rear lockouts
Vanquish Method Beadlocks 1.9
Custom trimmed trays with custom shock tower brace
Custom Steering link and spacer kit
JunFAC AR44 Aluminum axle housing
Stock ESC
Stock 35T Motor
Hot Racing Servo mounting bracket
Savox 1256 TG Black Edition Servo
Aluminum Trans Mount plate
Steel rod ends

This has been a consistently evolving project with three different body’s and cargo setups I like to experiment.

This truck is a maniacal diabolical monster when it comes to three wheeling and weight transfer the king shock oil I added does wonders.

Loving the build. Need a new roof rack and lighting setup and more stuff.

Next upgrades will be Aluminum shock hoops, c hub carriers and custom front bumper sliders and rear cage.

I got so excited with all this I went ahead and started the groups enlarge on facebook. Just yesterday learned I have now new sponsors. Atees and BoomRacing are now supporting us so this is great! 8c439bc7ddc9b4ed2d29c46b141c8634 Project: Long Haul 10.271a487b047026888c5a349d8dae6eae2 Project: Long Haul 10.27a6ec040ddd6bdc75e4ad8bfb1a7d013 Project: Long Haul 10.26f2281e46ce2f62ba5d913f0d40f1fc4 Project: Long Haul 10.219e9c2dfeb4b08db8a094c059546efd1 Project: Long Haul 10.2f7fb6725f40a39b17f2fe247b57597b6 Project: Long Haul 10.27196d6478d7bbb37680bb3acbb63e31f Project: Long Haul 10.23781fd5f19bad5aabea43fb1f4a0aaf6 Project: Long Haul 10.2d010d4cbdb0461145a1f3b3714a70ed4 Project: Long Haul 10.2

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