question on RC4wd beast II & suspension

This is my second build, the first was a gas buggy, I did manage to figure out the suspension and tires to run on grass. And tires/shocks for pavement.
But I know little about suspension.
I bought the Beast kit, watched some vids. One guy tested and rated it W/O the body, through a bunch of leaves. Complained about the heavy rear axels pushing the front steering and affecting the turn radius. Seems to me, that could be adjusted with weight in the front (it should change with the body added) or (added lead weight), softer shocks in front, raise the rear.
Am I thinking on the right track?
I’ve got a short vid ,for old guys with shaky hands and poor eye sight, who’re trying to build these tires/wheel hubs. Inspired buy a young fellow who kept dropping screws.
thanks for any direction on suspension

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