Rant Thread

Why don’t we have a rant thread?

Gotta air some shit out. 👿

Business has been booming at work. We’ve grown threefold over the past couple of years. We’re all making good money, and we’ve greatly expanded our facilities. Most everybody is friendly with each other and we all get along great. That’s all good stuff.


A couple of years ago we bought property and built a new shop. It served its purpose, though it had its design flaws. We just wrapped up and moved into a much larger shop, and it brought along a majority of those flaws, as well as introducing a slew of new ones. The boss designed both, refused to hire a contractor to oversee/guide the process, and learned almost no lessons from last time. He asked for suggestions from those of us that actually spend our days there, and ignored 99% of them. He wants efficiency and productivity, but gives us chaos and stumbling blocks.

We also have a new tech-in-training, which is the bosses pet project. A protege, if you will. Dude has no real experience, and spends a great deal of his time delegating his tasks to anyone he can. I’m supposed to help train him, but the only people he actually listens to is upper management. He’s even had the balls to tell me to do the things I told him to do minutes earlier. If he doesn’t agree with something I’ve said, he’ll walk off and talk to somebody with greater authority to get out of doing whatever I tasked him with. It’s really hard to make me want to physically hurt a person, but he’s found a shortcut.

I could go on, but I won’t.

Got a workplace rant? Post it. Lets all suffer together.

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