RJX Diversity Receiver Module (Special for Fatshark Goggles SMA- Female)

113607 RJX Diversity Receiver Module (Special for Fatshark Goggles SMA  Female)

RJX diversity receiver module is a plug and play update for your FatShark goggles.
With open source 5.8Ghz 40 channels (including race-band), integrated receiver, 25ms auto-scan and all this info displayed on an OLED display. Compatible with FatShark Dominator V2, V3 and FatShark HD V1, V2 & V3. 

Diversity delivers first-class video reception, the module constantly measures the reception quality of both antennas and in the blink of an eye switches to give the pilot the best possible picture.

• Suitable for FatShark Dominator V2/V3 and HD V1/V2/V3 goggles
• Uninterrupted switching of video signal
• 40 Channels including race-band
• Autosearch, manual mode and working channel
• Integrated display
• Compact design
• SMA female antenna connection
• Plug and play 

RX5808 pro-diversity receiver module
Open source 5.8Ghz
40 channels including Race-Band
Channel switch in 25ms

1 x Diversity receiver


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