Rock Racer for a kid on a budget

Hey all,

I´m new to this forum and to the RC world, I hope you can give me some advice. sorry for the long post.

My son, an 8 year old has been saving his pocket money for a long time for a first "real" RC rig which will be used for little bit of everything, crawling on rocks, riding in dirt & sand and what ever terrain he can find during camping trips.

I did order a RTR Vaterra Twin Hammers V2 of Amazon for him that came with a bad servo and got replaced with one that lost it´s transmission driving out of the parking lot and finally we got replacement no 2 which lasted almost one charge until the motor started smoking and burned up. So, after this bad experience of TH it kind of got me thinking if I made the wrong choice to go with the twin hammers or if we are just unlucky. There is no local shop close by so all my parts will have to come from online.

What would you recommend I do?
1. Repair the twin hammers, stick to it and stock on spare parts
2. Return it and order an Axial Bomber
3. Return and order something else at similar budget
4. Return it and buy a used but more high dollar rig?

Reliability and versatility is very important. (High speed for an 8 year old does not need to be very fast)

Thanks for reading and hope you can give me some advice.

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