scale 1.9 tire for Sandstone

I have searched both google and here on RCCrawler. I have not found a lot of info other than for MOA and comp style rigs.

Looking to put new rubber on my SCX10 II. Heavier than stock with knuckle weights all around, (future) Incision KMC Grenade 1.9 wheels and SS lower links etc. Running the stock XJ body.

While I will encounter a wide variety of terrain living in Northern Utah. It is the sandstone in Southern Utah that I am most concerned with. I have Flat Iron XL’s with CI Double Deuces on my Bomber and really like them.

For my SCX10 II, I am considering:
1) – Axial BFG ko2 in R35 compound. I have the RTR (S-30) version and they just don’t hook up on sandstone. Not sure if that is more the compound and foam or the tread pattern.
2) – Pro-line Flat Iron XL’s.
3) – Pitbull Rock Beast XL’s

I have already removed several other tires from my list. I like these three because they look scale (2 are actual licenced scaled products). Does anyone have experience with any or several of these tires relating to sandstone?

It is apparent that the FI XL’s and RB XL’s are similar. It would be nice to know how the R35 ko2’s compare to one of these other big lug tires on sandstone.

Picture of said terrain:
[IMG]28616854333 4395ffa96a z scale 1.9 tire for Sandstone[/IMG]

VRC 468x90 scale 1.9 tire for Sandstone

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