ScoJac builds a Bomber

Hello Bombers, I just purchased my first Axial and I am looking forward to building and modding this one also.
I stumbled onto an eBay Fathers day 20% off site wide sale…..soooo
I just had to grab one as well as some goodies to go along with it.

The kit actually went to gather pretty well

So far this is what I have

RR10 Bomber kit
RTR body panels from an eBay part out
Hobbywing wp1080 esc
Traxxas Titan 21t
Savox 1230
Vanquish AR60 trusses
Vanquish servo mount
Vanquish servo clamps
Incision motor mount
Incision motor mount cam
Tactic TTX300
Hyperion 3s 50c 5000mAh

When changing out the battery connector to a XT90 I also added in a length of 18 gauge wire with a XT30 connector for some lighting later on.

The next thing I plan on getting is either .475 or .600 Vanquish SLW hubs to widen the track width a wee bit.
Your thoughts or recommendations on which size to get ?

A must have is some metal rod end pivot balls… come on Axial, it’s about time you stop including the plastic ones !

Vanquish Stage 1 Kit.

Incision overdrive drive gears up front and maybe the spools.

Anyways thats enough, here are a couple pics.

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VRC 468x90 ScoJac builds a Bomber

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