Scopedog Assault Rover

Been a really long time since I posted anything but thought I’d share the latest project I’m working on. Now I thought I was being original with running the wraith cage backwards until I saw this…raith-rat.html. I decided to keep working on it as I wanted something different.

The hard part was going to be keeping the interior in it due to the motor and trans being flipped. I finally wound up cutting the stock interior up and adding on to what was left. This was my first time using styrene and plastic weld.

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The other hard thing was where I wanted to put the battery. I wanted to keep the weight towards the front, I could have used the stock location between the shock towers but that is where the driver was going to go, it’s a 3 seater. This is were I came up with to put the battery.

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I made a metal cross brace between the shock towers to strap the battery to and then a cockpit for the driver.
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I’ll post up more pics later. Thanks for looking.

VRC 468x90 Scopedog Assault Rover

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