SCX10 II – FI Spool

logo3dark SCX10 II   FI Spool

For those that have been waiting, we are thrilled to now offer our FI Spool for the SCX10 II.
821SCX10 II SCX10 II   FI Spool

When designing a full traction/diff replacement for the SCX10-II we wanted to keep the feel of our original FI Spool: Indestructible, simple, cost effective, with a reasonable weight that allows and of course offering a very, VERY tight fit to your axle shafts to eliminate slop.. and we could not be happier with the result!

This hardened steel axle spool is great for your Axial SCX10-II when you need 100% traction, 100% of the time. These .4 oz spools are sure to get you through the toughest trails and have stood up to our worst abuse. They are “F*****g Indestructible … hence “FI”. The center slot is created in a single machining operation to ensure “In Phase” outputs which can help to minimize drivetrain harmonics. The screw holes are also drilled all the way through to help prevent debris from entering.

821SCX10 II 3 SCX10 II   FI Spool

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