SCX10II knuckles clear 1.55 wheels?

Good day everyone!

Currently waiting for my set of ar44 axles to use on my 1.55 hilux. Does anyone know if the ar44 knuckles, stock, SSD or VP will clear a 1.55 wheel? I’m specifically talking about the RC4WD Void (walker evan clone) wheels like this which I currently run with Pitbull growlers.

DSC 2423 SCX10II knuckles clear 1.55 wheels?

I know on my current 3d printed wraith steering axles, I had to modify the metal ackerman arm on the stock plastic wraith knuckle to clear them.

Worst case, I’ll build axles and get back to let you guys know what happened but currently thinking of ordering the SSD knuckles and was just trying to have them before the weekend haha. “thumbsup”

VRC 468x90 SCX10II knuckles clear 1.55 wheels?

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