Selling By Mail Has Changed

I have sold collectible firearms through the mail since 1991 with no pictures. Basic guide lines, 3 day non firing inspection, buyers pays all shipping. In 26 years never had a return. I have ceased this type of sales because of the State differences in laws made it not fun anymore and yes I have a FFL. Now every now and again I sell a item that I ended up not needing in a project for RC. Always new items. I get person after person wanting pictures and will not buy with out them. Now in firearms we are talking in the hundreds to thousands of dollar item, in RC under a hundred bucks and new. What gives? I buy parts monthly for RC Oval Cars and sell a few with no pics, why are Crawlers or Scale guys so different with these pics wanted. Yesterday I just bought off the board a RC4WD esc and motor, no pics, seller said new, why would anyone need a pic?

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