Servo killer

So have killed many servos in my Yeti XL and I do no even think I drive crazy.

Here is my list:
Older MKS brushless servo out of a 450 CP heli
PowerHD 20kg
PowerHD 30kg
JK 20kg
Savox 1270 😥

so I just ordered ProTek RC 370TBL since it is crazy high torque and actually waterproof. I suspect water is what is killing some of them since they just start to act erractic.

I have stripped output gears, stripped servo horns, I have had a servo just randomly lockout hard turn left and stay there….. and I have had servos just litterally stop working.

I am running them all off a castle creations BEC at 6v or 7.4v depending on what it calls for.

Anyone else have a servo killer, or just me?

VRC 468x90 Servo killer

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