SMJ “Kabuto” 21XB2 nitro engines

SMJ1113 02 640x393 SMJ “Kabuto” 21XB2 nitro engines

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SMJ have introduced three new nitro engines of which two, the 21XB2 Power and 21XB2 Eco are designed for 1/8 buggy. These engines have been produced by Masayuki Miura, the well-known mechanic of Atsushi Hara and they are based on the O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec II. The “big” difference between both engines are the types of carburetors. The 21XB2 Power comes with 7mm venturi and it is particularly suitable for high speed tracks while the 21XB2 Eco with a 6mm venturi is more suitable for low grip or wavy surfaces. The engines are pre-break in by Yurugix and the pre-break period is different according to the place where engine will be start up.

SMJ1113 01 150x125 SMJ “Kabuto” 21XB2 nitro engines SMJ1113 04 150x125 SMJ “Kabuto” 21XB2 nitro engines SMJ1113 03 150x125 SMJ “Kabuto” 21XB2 nitro engines

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