SOAR releases Speedbull Racing Team

soar speedbull team 640x237 SOAR releases Speedbull Racing Team

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After six months of preparation, SOAR will be releasing their race team officially named Team-Speedbull.

SOAR have recruited many talented specialists to build the future dream team consisting of a senior tech consultant, a world class mechanic who has helped his driver win the world championship along with many European Championships as well as two young officially signed drivers.

With the support of the team, SOAR will help to push these two young racers to the top of the RC world. Among their selection, SOAR have the professional design, the high-end technology in parts manufacturing from the SOAR factory, the senior RC consultant and the world championship experience from our team manager. Moreover, there is an exclusive crew of art design and marketing for the team. SOAR intend to create an F1 class RC race team. The team member list will be released very soon.

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