Soft Pastels Grey Tints (12pcs)

122236 2 Soft Pastels Grey Tints (12pcs)

Mont Marte soft pastels grey tints are soft and velvety and provide superb coverage. They are perfect for creating that black and white masterpiece, they blend and smudge together beautifully and the square shape allows broad strokes and fine lines.

This range of 12 grey tints will create almost any artwork you desire, especially good for doing portraits. You can create dark intense work or more delicate creations with this fantastic range of tints.

Best results are achieved on rough surface or pastel paper, finished artworks are best protected with a fixative to prevent further smudging.

Specs: 12 pieces varying from very light gray to black.


VRC 468x90 Soft Pastels Grey Tints (12pcs)

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