Starting out with a 1/16 WPL 4WD C24 Toyota

Yeah gidday guys! A complete noob to rcc but love the beaut mechanicals & upgrades & the miraculous obstacles these little machines can get past or over. I haven’t even bought my vehicle yet cos I’m still looking at all the upgrades to get. My shopping list is up over $300 but nearly all the main mechanics will be metal, including the servo. I’m kinda splurging a bit, but just hoping that ‘metal is better!’ I hope so! I’m about to find out. It’s gonna be be so cool I can’t wait! I’m gettin a coupla sets of anodised aluminium mag wheels for it, a metal front bumper, roof rack, led lights all over the place. I’ll give it some primer & hit it with some metallic blue paint I recon, as the plain plastic colour is less than impressive. I think I’ll load it up with a bit of stowage, & add a driver figure. I normally build WWII tanks n stuff, so yeah, that’s why the extra details I’m gonna add to it. But at the moment I’m havin great fun just lookin & buyin the bits! Hehe! It has a ‘370’ motor which may not be enough with all the metal & stowage & a perhaps overweight driver I dunno. Maybe there’s an even better motor out there than the 370? Brushless neodymium or sumthin? That’s where I’m up to. So so far behind even some of you guys posting here as noobs! Geez! Some of it is like a foreign language but hey I’m keen to learn & try & join in some discussion. So I guess I’ll post again when I’ve got the beast home then. Oh unless someone replies to this post! Yeah that’d be good. Is WPL a good brand?

VRC 468x90 Starting out with a 1/16 WPL 4WD C24 Toyota

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