Sway bar for a heavy bomber with short arms?

I am finally going brushless in my bomber and I am going to need a swaybar to handle it. I do some light crawling, but mostly trail runs on dirt with roots and maybe a bit of rock.

My bomber is 9-9.5lbs fully loaded.

Adding weight to the back axle vs stock are: brass beef tubes, vanquish chromoly axle shafts, clamping lockouts, holmes spool, hd underdrive (maybe heavier?), and stamped steel SSD 10 hole beadlocks. I also have JEC racing stainless steel twin hammers length trailing arms with matching JEC stainless uppers, and traxxas big bore shocks. In/on the chassis I have an ssd 2 speed, aluminum carter fab body panels with extended rear fenders, and a 4000 mah 3s lipo.

I have done searching and reading but what swaybar talk I find just complains about axial having too stiff of a “soft” swaybar, and most are talking about standard length as well.

I know more weight will help flex the swaybar more, but shorter arms reduce leverage too I believe.

Will axial work (or even mount) with my setup, or do I have to shell out bigger bucks for vanquish?

My bomber

VRC 468x90 Sway bar for a heavy bomber with short arms?

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