the long way to my vaterra twin hammers roffing

here is the starrt to my vth i am on a quest to make it more foffable ive started with a 3900 kv goolrc esc motor combo it packs enough punch for $25 and with a 78t spur and 28t pinion vth rips but easts spurs even with a good slipper adjustment (either it slips or eats gears ) so i have went 32p and am currently trying different ratios for high wheel speed waiting on a( 40t spur and a14t pinion) hope that does what i want along with a 4300kv motor and esc i cannot find enought heavy duty parts so the front is left open so it stays together i want to put some yeti front lower control arms, axles and knuckles and extend all my links with an aluminum type any ideas on this or maybe if any one has pics of the yeti arm next to a twin hamm arm? many thanks if that dosnt work out i want to solid axle swap the front with a wraith front axle and also to the rear any one got any ideas on how to make this possible i am ready to chop up other parts and drill and tap if needed has any one done this ? i wouldnt mind paying for a kit i saw a thread where some one took some rear arms and put them up front but they had to weld the out drives on and cut mip shafts to make it all work and i would love to do this but dont know who to weld them is it posible to do that same thing with some dog bone axles from another make? thanks tons guys i love the hammers this site is exclent thanks for all the help and info from all proud to be on here 2440e6f36ec5c49f27d3db87bc17935c the long way to my vaterra twin hammers roffing14c6c3b6df4e019ae6f533eb5aa3cc0d the long way to my vaterra twin hammers roffing

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