Thoughts on what to get for my kid

I know this question has been asked before and I have read several threads about it, but I would like to ask again since everything is constantly changing in the rc world. I have a son nearing 8 years old that loves to play with my Losi MRC and I would like to get him something of his own, I have been looking at the Axial Bomber and SCX10, the Traxxas TRX-4 Sport that is coming out, the G Made, and the Redcat Everest 10. I would prefer a kit truck since the electronics in a lot of these trucks aren’t that great and you tend to get some better parts, but am not opposed to an RTR. I’m looking for people’s thoughts and maybe some experiences they have had with their kids, he’s too young to ask what he wants, every time I show him something different that’s what he wants, well as long as its red anyway. Thanks for the input.

VRC 468x90 Thoughts on what to get for my kid

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