Today At RC Driver – RC Tool Set Overhaul – 4/19/17

Today in the RC Driver workshop… was a day dedicated to our RC Tool Set. Or, well at least hunting down our tools that have been scattered about during various project builds. Not only is having the right tools on hand a necessity to getting your RC task completed correctly and hassle free, knowing where they are the moment you need them is just as important. We have a pretty good selection of tools and the set-up we’re showing you here is our racing tool set. This is the high quality set we have to perform the tasks need for tuning and maintaining our cars at the track. Here’s a list of what you see and some of the reasons you need them.


IMG 9176 Today At RC Driver – RC Tool Set Overhaul – 4/19/17

The set shown above is what sits on our pit table throughout the day of the race. From here we can grab some of the most used tools when we need them. The pouch is a Protek RC tool pouch that features nice elastic bands to secure the tools. The pouch folds up and zippers shut when you travel. Inside the pouch is a full set of MIP Metric and SAE hex drivers, minus a 5/64 driver that someone borrowed at the last race. We’ll find you 5/64, we’ll find you #nevergiveup. Also in the pouch is a Xacto knife, Parma Body Marker, Protek flat screwdriver for nitro engine tuning, an O.S. glow plug wrench and an AKA multi-nut driver.

MIP Metric Hex Driver Set:

MIP SAE Hex Driver Set:

Protek RC Flat Blade Driver:

AKA Nut Driver:

O.S. Glow Plug Wrench:

Xacto Knife:

Parma Detail Pen:



IMG 9175 Today At RC Driver – RC Tool Set Overhaul – 4/19/17

The top of many pit bags are a great spot to store additional tools you need for wrenching on your machine at the track. Since they are located right up top, its easy to flip the lid and grab whatever you need. In our Venom Pit Bag, we have a generic pliers, long nose pliers and cutters. There is a pair of body scissors and sprue cutter from Tamiya. Then moving down the line there is an Axial flywheel wrench, Team Associated Factory Team 17mm wheel nut wrench, Losi camber and ride height gauge, Losi turnbuckle tool and exhaust spring tool. Not shown in the photo, but added to this row is a Team Losi Racing Shock Shaft tool which is a must for racers. But wait there’s more, like the Team Orion pit light, AKA wheel balance tool and putty and an an assortment of cleaning brushes.

Venom Pit Bag:

Losi Camber Gauge:

Losi Ride Height Gauge:

Tamiya Scissors:

Tamiya Sprue Cutter:

Team Associated Factory Team 17mm wrench:

AKA Tire Balancer:

Cleaning Brush:



Those are the primary tools in our RC Tool Set. Sure there are more tools hiding here and there in our pit gear, but these are some of our most used tools and great tools for you to think about adding to your tool collection if you are looking to expand.

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