Toyota Truggy

So I’ve been sitting on my SCX2 for a little while actually contemplating selling or trading it. At the same time, I’ve always wanted a truggy style rig. I recently came across a truggy cage for sale in tge For Sale section. PileDriver had one and we agreed to a very fair price. Great transaction, by the way. A few days later, I received the goods. So now it’s time to start the build. This is what I am starting with.

I have some other items coming from rpp hobby including some new wheels and some body accessories. I’m hoping this turns out as good as I see it in my head. Still debating colors for the cab. The size of the transmission in the SCX2 kit kind of makes for some challenges to interior, etc. Wondering if I need to get a transmission from the first gen. To be determined.5f1de8d1d10578740c3fd7a5de89c2ee Toyota Truggy0842243047d37ac85398c97217c9e6dd Toyota Truggyf5deeae664374cf6d0985a6db8c2b231 Toyota Truggya5d84556396ec0eb18810d3e0bc4d591 Toyota Truggy

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