TrackAttack's SCX10.2 Build

After getting back Into the RC hobby with the
Axial Bomber, I wanted to get into a scale crawler. The SCX10.2 came out right at that at time, and after reading multiple reviews, it seemed the the logical choice. I did the RTR with the Bomber, and decided this time I wanted to go the kit route. I spent way too much upgrading the Bomber, so I had a lot of spare parts I could use on this build.

Parts list:
Axial SCX 10.2 kit
Stock Axial 35t brushed motor
Stock Axial AE5 esc
Castle BECPro
Tactic stock transmitter and 3 channel receiver
Savox SW-0231MG servo

Option parts:
RC4WD Warn winch with controller – still working on electronics on this..
GRC fenders – from and rear
GRC rear bottom panel
GRC taillights
Vanquish 1. 9 Method grey wheels with black rings
Vanquish .225 hubs
ProLine Flat Iron, XL tires with included foams
RCCommon Sense LEDLighting kit – still working on this….

Coming from the RTR to the kit format, I was prefer the kits . I came from the background of building the Tamiya Hotshot and Asssociated RC10 kits. I welcomed this as a way to getting back to my roots.

You can read many other threads on the build process, so I won’t bore you on that process. I will say that is does take quite a bit of time and money to complete the kit. Money is relative to how you want to finish the kit, but I wanted to go for realism (so some resemblance thereof).

The kit is good, right out of the box, it does not require a lot of mods. I wanted to keep this in mind when building mine. I only (so far) added things I wanted right off the bat, things that added to realism.

Build went fine closely following the instructions. I would suggest reviewing the posts here to make sure you have the latest information.

844122a419fca2edb553255ffe466d67 TrackAttack's SCX10.2 Build
Don’t mind the mess, but this shows the GRC fenders – makes a big difference with inner fender realism.

0b34c4ec3045d82fb8034463f97dc1df TrackAttack's SCX10.2 Build
The front end is a bitch! No easy way to say how to make this easy or look great. I spent several hours cutting it out with a sharp xacto knife and sanding to get it this good. Take your time, and you,can do better than me!

683c4260a198d38f1a88d83e47a7ea1c TrackAttack's SCX10.2 Build
A good shot of the Vanquish Methods. I went with Grey, but they have a ting of purple to them.. Maybe it is just me…

f65d2349d786d00bd44c21c8b1b0a448 TrackAttack's SCX10.2 Build
Quick shot of the taillight- I used Tamiya transparent red and orange. Still need to install the leds.

I have yet to get this out and play with it, but thought you would like to see the progress.

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