Traxxas Telemetry GPS Module

r Traxxas Telemetry GPS ModuleThe Traxxas Telemetry GPS module is a part of a somewhat pricey (Although functional) Telemetry system offered for Traxxas products. Before proceeding with the actual review it is worth noting that you will also need the Traxxas Telemetry Expander module and the Expander mount (which is unfortunately sold separately) and possibly even a Chassis brace for the mount (depending on your model). You will also need the Traxxas Link Bluetooth module for your transmitter (if not already equipped) as well as an iPhone or Android device with the Traxxas Link app installed. Now as for the GPS module, it came in a nice little box with an excessive amount of foam around the module for protection during shipping. Installation was simple, just plug and play into the aforementioned telemetry expander. If all required components for telemetry are installed correctly, and the Bluetooth is connected, The GPS module will link up with satellites automatically. You will know that the GPS has linked with satellites when the little satellite Icon at the top center of the dashboard turns from red to green (if not linked with satellites, rpm is used to calculated speed if installed). You may need to update the software in the telemetry before GPS can link up, which is done through the application when prompted on screen. Once everything is updated, connected and linked you will be able to view the speed of your model on the dashboard of your app. All that’s left now is to go have some fun! (BTW I have this installed on the Traxxas E-maxx Brushless Edition for those who are wondering and it did required an update which took about 20 minutes) Good luck, and I hope this review has helped.

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