Turnigy V2 3mm Turnbuckle Wrench

119607 Turnigy V2 3mm Turnbuckle Wrench

The Turnigy V2 range of hand tools and drivers have been designed for superior comfort and maximum strength. The drivers feature an all aluminum handle with a smooth blue anodized finish and an end cap that moves easily in the palm of your hand. The shafts are manufactured from steel to provide superior durability and a tight clean fit in the screw head. These are not your run-of-the-mill cheap tools that last a few months and then you have to buy some more, these are high-quality tools that will last you years but at a price that will allow you to fill up your toolbox.


• Superior comfort and strength
• All Aluminum handle 
• Cool blue anodized finish
• Spring steel shafts for added durability


Wrench Size: 3mm 
Material: Steel / aluminum

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