UKayed ® Turbo Twister Radio Controlled 360° Rotation Stunt Car Flips Spins & More (With Magical Lights)

UKayed ® Extreme Turbo Charged Stunt Car

The amazing UKayed ® Turbo Twister stunt car is so much fun.

Although once mastered you can pull of some great stunts,

the great thing about the UKayed Turbo Twister stunt car

is even if you are a complete novice and have not got a clue

how to work it you will be truely amazed at what it actualy does.

Push The UKayed Turbo Twister To its Limit

As with all UKayed remote toys you know your getting a good quality

product which as had to pass UKayed’s high testing standards with only

the highest quality componets used which is a good job considering the

car takes some big knocks. Never mind the twisting and 360° tumbles,

Extreme RC Sport

if your anything like most people you will have great fun trying to push

this car to it’s limits. This is where the qualilty really counts.

With flshing lights on the wheels and the main cab,

the visual aspect is great mixed in with the stunts you will soon be performing.

Buy Now and Put Your Limits To The Test!

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