unconventional rear steer for an anal ocd perverted man

Alex here with questions, nothing new for a newbie to ask a question is there? I just hope it hasn’t been answered and I was unable to find it.

current build- revamped axial bomber
tx-dx4c rx-sr415

my goal is to use the E toggle switch on the dx4c as a 3 position rear steer channel. I would like full left for one position, centered for 2nd position and full right for 3rd position without having to double tap the switch at any time.

Im not fascinated with the "easy rear steer" setups and I need to know is it possible to achieve this with my dx4c? Or is there another tx better suited for my goal? If so, what tx would that be?

my requirements are that 1) my rear steer switch be located close to my trigger hand thumb 2) that the rear steer coordinate with the switch without having to double tap to change directions

essentially I need a left, neutral, right

ive watched video after video and found only the flysky mod would be suitable for this without giving up a pistol grip controller, from what I understand and know I don’t want, the dx4c acts like this (left tap=steering left, right tap=steering center, right tap again=steering right, vica versa)

I don’t have the rx yet and hate to spend $50 to find out it could not be done the way I want with this setup.

thanks so much for any advice:ror:

VRC 468x90 unconventional rear steer for an anal ocd perverted man

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