UP Mini 2 Compact 3D Printer (US Plug)

108348t UP Mini 2 Compact 3D Printer (US Plug)

The UP Mini 2 is not only affordable, it is very reliable and easy to use just like the first generation UP Mini. This second generation UP Mini 2 comes with many new features relating to it’s usability, it is portable (has an aluminum handle) and has the ability to connect wirlessly so it can be controlled via a WIFI connection enabling the user to control the 3D printer via mobile phone APP’s.

Other features of the UP Mini 2 are its LCD touch screen which provides an even better user experience, very clear and easy to use with all the easy to read information on the screen and selected by just the touch of a finger. Built in HEPA filtration reduces the 3D printing air emmissions and provides a healthy odor free printing environment.

There are 5 settings available for the layer thickness starting at 0.15mm and it goes to a max of 0.35mm. The nozzle height can be controlled manually, there are 9 reference points for you to adjust or there is an auto detect setting which uses a thin metal plate detector, this is much simpler as the UP Mini does all the hard work for you. Another nice little feature is that the filament spool carrier houses a handy tool drawer complete with a selection of tools.

Overall a really excellent printer that is versatile, portable and extremely easy to use with features and build quality only found in the more expensive machines. This 3D printer is a must for hobbyists, modelmakers and prototype engineers who want a machine that will produce excellent results without all the time consuming setting up.

• Automatic nozzle height detection
• Easy to use LCD touch screen
• Built in HEPA air filtration
• Wireless connectivity
• Suitable for PLA and ABS printing filament
• Tool drawer with selection of tools
• 1 year manufacturers warranty (nozzles and print boards only 90 days)

Build Volume: 120 x 120 x 120mm
Layer Thickness: 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.35
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Supported Printing Material: PLA~ABS
Operating Systems: Win XP/7/8/10~Mac OS
File Input Format: STL
Connectivity: USB and WIFI
Printing Technology: Fused filament fabrication
Platform: Heated perforated print board or UP flex print board
Unit Dimensions: 255W x 365H x 385D mm
Weight: 8kg
Input Voltage: 110~240V AC 50~60Hz 90W

UP Mini 2 3D printer
Spool and tool holder
Calibration card
50g tester filament (3 off)
Protective gloves
Power adapter with US plug
Power cable
USB cable
Hex keys 2 and 2.5mm
Nozzle wrench
Perforated print board
UP flex print board
Print head nozzle

Please see under “Files” tab for user manual.

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