Used SCX10 II RTR questions

First post on the forums (been lurking for a while)

I just recently got back into the RC car world. I have been looking at picking up a 1/10th scale crawler and found a used SCX10 II near me listed for $200. The guy says the ESC and receiver are fried from being submerged. It has metal King Racing shocks, new proline hyrax tires, savox servo, and a 12 turn traxxas motor and traxxas XL5 ESC. It also comes with 3 NiMH batteries (1 Onyx 5000 and 2 Onyx 3000s) and a charger. The transmitter in the pictures he sent is a TQ Traxxas transmitter, so i assume the receiver has been swapped out as well. Would this be worth trying to pick up? Even if i have to replace all of the electronics, it would still probably be cheaper than a new kit version starting from scratch.

I am looking for any helpful information from people who already own these to weigh in on what to look for and what i might need to replace.


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