Vedo's TRX4

Here is my TRX4 project.

Parts List:
–Spektrum Dx5c with SRS6000 receiver
–Hot Racing Battery Relocation Kit (TRXF100FM01)
–Holmes Hobbies Puller Pro BL 540 2200kv
–Holmes Hobbies Trailmaster BLE Pro WP
–Holmes Hobbies HV500V2 Servo
–Castle Creations BEC 2.0 WP
–Incision TRX-4 Stainless Steel 10PC Link Kit – 12.3IN Wheelbase
–SSD 25T Aluminum Servo Horn for TRX-4 (SSD00224)
–SSD D110 Aluminum Rear Bumper for TRX4 (SSD00205) – not in use
–SSD D110 Aluminum Front Bumper for TRX4 / SCX10 II (SSD00203)- not
in use
Planned Upgrades:
(TRX4-4412C4) TRX-4 brass knuckle & hub carrier & portal knuckle cover & scale brake rotor & caliper set
(TRX4-4413C2) TRX-4 brass portal knuckle cover & scale brake rotor & caliper combo set
(TRX4-4042) TRX-4 Brass lower shock / suspension link mount (4pcs)
(TRX4-4047) TRX4 brass shock spring under cap (4pcs)

Proline Hyrax 1.9 Tires

Here She is on Day 1. Bone Stock out of the box.
VrnmKxy Vedo's TRX4

VRC 468x90 Vedo's TRX4

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