vehicle for bashing

Hello to all,
I’m looking for a fast bashing vehicle, no climbing only speed and jumps to more I can not on meadows, widen in the woods, dirt roads and unpaved parking ….
being, however, the first model, after reading a bit ‘of reviews around are undecided on these models:
-Traxxas E-Revo….-4-red/p576407….4-orng/p734547
-Traxxas Slash 4X4 Platinum….a6804r/p244605

I know that they are very different means, what I’m looking for is a fast and robust vehicle … at the moment I would keep it in stock, but if it had a good availability of aftermarket upgrades for tomorrow it would not be bad .. What’s the best vehicle for my use?
One last question at the moment I have a FlySky GT3C radio modified to 8CH could be good to manage a vehicle in speed or it would be better to switch to a higher model? In this sense, if I had to change it I was considering the Spektrum DX5C and DX5R in order to have a radio for all the models … what do you think of both these radios and the AVC system?
As a budget I set myself not to exceed € 500- $ 650 including shipping and customs (unless I also buy radios and receivers) …
Excuse me again for the thousand questions and I thank you in advance for the help you give me …

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