VRP B6-Series battery brace

Brace Pic 3 640x397 VRP B6 Series battery brace

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VRP have introduced new adjustable battery strap for the B6 and B6D. It is made from American 7075 aluminum and anodized  at the VRP Factory in Houston, Tx. The battery strap and brace set allows you to accurately adjust your battery position quickly and easily.There are 8 adjustable locations that lock into place by using the included 3mm button head screws. By having the keyed in locations, it eliminates the issue of guessing if you are equally aligned on both sides of the battery as well as making sure the battery stays in place in the event of a hard forward impact.

This will also give you further adjustment compared to a stock battery strap. A nice feature is that you can adjust the battery position while the battery brace is still screwed down by removing the 2 button head screws holding the side guards, then sliding the battery to the new position. There are also two holes on the Battery Strap itself for the torsion turnbuckle. This allows for a shorter or a longer torsion bar, which is an adjustment of how much flex you want while using the turnbuckle. The Basic strap includes battery brace (strap and side rails) and hardware while the Deluxe strap includes (strap and side rails), ball links/turnbuckle and hardware.

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