This TW was procured via a trade on FB.

It came with GCM upright shock mounts/forward battery tray, GCM bell crank steering, HR rear trailing arms, Pro-line shocks, aluminum body panels, rear MIP driveline and rear sway bar.

It needs some parts replaced; bearings, front CV’s, cage, Chubs, knuckles and make the front locked diff into an open diff, all of which are on their way to me. Until then I started the refresh preliminary rebuild/refresh phase which is now complete.

So far I have;
-Locked the trans into 2nd gear
-Removed the shift servo and its mounting plate
-Installed STRC Yeti trailing arms
-Installed VP Ti Wraith lower 4-links as the rear upper links
-Installed a Hot Racing Bomber front sway bar as the rear sway bar
-Installed STRC SCX10 rear shock hoops with droop mounts for front suspension
-Installed MIP Yeti rear drivel line
-Installed CNC Custom Wheels 1.9 deep dish beadlocks wrapped in 1.9 KLR’s.

This rig is running on a Monster Mamba Pro ESC with an Axial Yeti stock 3150kv Vanguard motor conmected to the trans via 32p steel spur and pinion combo.

The servo is Savox running off of a Castle BEC and all lighting is 12vdc remotely operated.

Future upgrades will be:
-VP Knuckles and Chubs
-Hot Racing aluminum axle tubes, upper and lower rear arm and link mounts
-SCX10 main transmission
-Pro-line Yeti rear shocks
-MadDogRC round-housing front LED headlights
-Punisher hood and side panel graphics
-Distressed American flag on fast-paced panel
-Fast Eddie bearing throughout
-New front CV’s
-Rebuilt front diff open with 500k-1mil wt. diff lube
-Scale fuel cell and fuel lines
-Scale radiator
-Scale fire extinguisher

I will post final pics once details are installed in a couple weeks.

First vid is the Jump Test.https://vimeo.com/202509408cf4251c9f47c23eb71c4c38c4c19c91d Warhammersba483c70be92ad06ac08bc933b745b51 Warhammersc0b1c20f9355113c4250adb04e9c5576 Warhammersf849371db0d8b9c71b3bbe2defb02cda Warhammers4240692f3463f4b0e28ff7d979e5b482 Warhammers1467b1c42062414d40f5d0fd09807215 Warhammers586c4871087838df9df288b2b0d64954 Warhammers5c13ae787ac5e14893ad6a588a2a5974 Warhammers7ab89d54c449a9c828bd26919cf5390f Warhammers

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