Warn Wireless receiver fit in Traxxas box?

I’ve got a TRX-4 on the way, and figured it would be cool to finally have a rig with a winch. Then I started looking into adding one, and controlling it…

So there’s a Warn licensed wireless winch control on RC4WD, but it’s not waterproof. And I thought it would be awesome to just mount the winch receiver in another receiver box, or maybe even in the box the TRX-4 has stock. I tried looking at the Traxxas parts website for measurements, but the’re not listed.

Can one of you guys who has a TRX-4 let me know if there’s room in the receiver box for another module?

Can anyone else who has a Traxxas measure your receiver box inside dimensions?

The Warn winch receiver is listed as:
Length: 1.6in / 40.4mm
Width: 1.2in / 30.2mm
Height: 0.37in / 9.4mm

and the Tower Hobbies website lists a TQi Receiver as:
Length: 1.5in / 38mm
Width: 1.02in / 26mm
Height: 0.43in / 11mm

So I’m mostly just worried about getting the Warn receiver to fit length and width wise.


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