Water and receiver boxes

I carefully and generously siliconed up my SCX10.1 RX box and it survived being at times totally submerged for four sessions in rivers. I went to shift the 2 speed today and nothing happened so I figured the waterproof shift servo had bit the dust or the receiver box has water in it.

After pulling it apart it did so I WD40’d the wet plugs and opened the RX and sprayed it with contact cleaner. Worked perfectly for a 2 hour run after that.

Naturally I don’t trust the Axial box anymore and wondered what guys used for their waterproof rigs.

I’m thinking clear plastic so I can easily see if moisture gets in so it’s most likely going to be a airtight little spice or lunchbox snack thing with a hole in the side and lots of silicone to try to keep things dry.

Is there anything ‘better’ than this? It’ll be hidden but it’ll look a bit iffy with the body off. I think it’ll definitely be watertight this time though as these boxes often are even without lots of silicone around the lid. The only real issue is how I hold them down as screws might crack plastic and cause more problems.

I plan to do something similar in my Bomber and TRX too for peace of mind.

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