What the #$&@?! Flysky gt3c and ae-2 issue

I’m far from a newbie on working with electronics but this one has me stumped. I was switching over some rigs from a traxxas tq system to the flysky gt3. I did the binding of a new rx to the tx no issue. Steering responds normally. There was no throttle response which I figure was as simple as needing to recalibrate the esc with the new radio system. Went through the normal ae-2 calibration process but after a ridiculous number of attempts I’m out of ideas. With the esc powered off I pull the tx trigger to full throttle then flip on the esc. Green light blinks and it plays a few tones then the red light starts to blink with a tone. That is when you are suppose to go to full reverse and wait for the next series of tones. That never happens. It just blinks red forever as if it can register the reverse throw.

I mixed things up and plugged the esc into channel 1 and using the steering wheel I can get the motor to go into forward and reverse so the esc is working fine. When I hook up my old traxxas system everything works fine. I use this flysky tx with another rig so in know the tx is working fine. For the heck of it I tried another rx with this ae-2 and get the same result.

For channel 2 I have the trims zeroed out, D/R set to 100%, expo set to zero and the channel is reversed.

I’m open to any suggestions short of a sledgehammer to this flysky system, although it has been a lot more trouble than it has been worth. I wanted to go with something easier to program than the traxxas but that doesn’t seem to be working out for me.

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