Whats killing your local rc spot today?

so today 👿 I was told my favorite summer 1/8 offroad track is closing due to “zoning”. I think it escalated from a noise complaint honestly…

The laws are slowly eating up the tracks and racing organizations around me.

the township this current track is in is all pretty much farmland/ open fields. back in 2010 there was a scare from the state that they wanted my local crawlspot shutdown.. what is with the government trying to “govern” our hobby?

what is some advice I could pass on to the guys I know going through this crap? non profit? business license? what do they need to do to keep racing/ crawling? cause as far as I know if its your own property they shouldnt be able to tell you what you can/ can not drive/ run on your property am I right?

VRC 468x90 Whats killing your local rc spot today?

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