Why IFS Bomber and not heightened Yeti?


I am in the process of getting into the hobby again after a Dark Age of 25 years. When I was twelve I built a Kyosho Ferrari F40 (it was all about Kyosho back then, as I remember it) and now I have bought an Arrma Fury SCT to get started. Boy, things have moved on since I was young!

Now I an looking into getting some kind of trail runner with modest crawling ability and am reading thread after thread in this excellent forum.

So, to my question. Why do people spend lots of cash to build an IFS Bomber, instead of heightening a Yeti and locking the front difficult on it? I do not really get it. What am I missing? What’s the thing with IFS Bombers? What do they have that the Yeti does not?

VRC 468x90 Why IFS Bomber and not heightened Yeti?

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