Yakovlev YAK55M 1520mm Aerobatic Sports Plane (ARF)

104155 1 Yakovlev YAK55M 1520mm Aerobatic Sports Plane (ARF)

During the 1980’s the Soviet Union had two main manufacturers of World aerobatic championship-winning airplanes, The Sukhoi company and Yakovlev.
In response to the Sukhoi Su-26, Yakovlev modified their Yak-55 by reducing the wingspan and introducing a more powerful 9 cylinder 360hp radial engine the Yak-55M was born, with a faster rate of climb and an improved roll rate the Yak-55 was at the tip of the spear with aerobatic sports planes.
Our latest almost ready to fly version of the Yak-55M is built with traditional balsa and light ply construction and when combined with a powerful powertrain will give you a fantastic 3D and aerobatic machine. Professionally covered airframe and with a fiberglass color-matched cowl in a spectacular scheme will help with orientation and make you stand out from the crowd. When flying the Yak you will be able to perform all the classic aerobatic stunts from big loops to hammerhead stalls, then when you pour on the power the Yak-55M can make it look easy with all your 3D maneuvers from hovering to the more experienced rolling circles.  

Become the aerobatic champion at your club with the 20cc 60 inch Yakovlev Yak-55M.

• Traditionally built balsa and ply construction 
• Designed for both gas and electric power train
• Professionally covered 
• Color matched fiberglass cowl and wheel spats
• Lightweight aerobatic 3D sports plane
• Great scheme for orientation 
• Almost ready to fly 
• All hardware and landing gear included

Wingspan: 1520mm (60″)
Length: 1490mm (58.5″)
Wing area: 47.6sq.dm (738sq.in)
Flying weight: 2300-2500g (5-5.5lbs) 

1 x Yak-55M ARF
All required hardware
Comprehensive instruction manual

Electric Brushless Outrunner or gas powered engine
Electronic speed controller
5-6S LiPoly battery
16×10 or 17
Up to 6 high voltage, digital, metal gear servos
Minimum 4 channel Transmitter and receiver
Glues and tools for an ARF RC model

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