Yeti for Adventurist Class @ Axialfest

Well, of all my rigs, the Yeti is the closest to 100% reliable, all day event ready. Since I’m also in the process of finishing the semester, and finishing the build out of my Landcriser, I don’t have the luxury of putting time or $$$ into a dedicated scaler before Axialfest is here.

As it sits, there’s a combination of SSD & Vanquish bits, SSD steelies with R35 BFG Baja T/A KR2s, Proline Powerstroke XT shocks, Gearhead LEDs, and powered by a Tekin Pro4 4000kv, CC Mamba Monster & BEC. I’ll be adding a winch, with a HeyOk controller, and SSD 2spd trans kit.

What would be good gearing, or any other changes/mods to make it better suited to trail use? Thanks!

VRC 468x90 Yeti for Adventurist Class @ Axialfest

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