Racing RC Cars

Competitive Rc Car Racing Events

Get ready Vin Diesel. Let’s see you do your thing in the smaller but meaner track of radio controlled car racing; you can’t be a genuine radio controlled car racing aficionado until you gain real experience in any of the major racing events held around the world.

Ready, Set, IFMAR!

The International Federation of Model Auto Racing is the United Nations of radio controlled car racing. No radio controlled car racing event is considered major if it’s not under the IFMAR umbrella. Established in 1979 by Ted Longshaw, the IFMAR was finally able to provide world-recognized standards for radio controlled car racing.

The Arms of IFMAR

The organization is able to keep track of remote controlled car racing events all over the world through its alliance with the following leagues:

Bonjour EFRA!

The European Federation of RC Automobiles is the top governing body in Europe. Member countries of this bloc include Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland and Greece among others. Just visit the EFRA headquarters if you wish to test your wheels in European grounds.

FEMCA: The Guru of Remote Controlled Car Racing

The Far East Model Car Association is the governing body for RC car racing in countries such as the Philippines, Japan, Brunei, China, Australia, and New Zealand. FEMCA is the best source of information for remote controlled car racing in this part of the world.

Let Your Car Growl through ROAR

Remotely Operated Racers is the leading RC car authority in the United States of America and Canada. Its race team is also the representative of these countries at IFMAR World Championship events. It’s also the leading producer of racing champions so if you want to test your skills against the very best, drop by at ROAR’s main office.

Hola y Arriba to FAMAR

The new kid in the block, the Fourth Association of Model Auto Racing, possesses membership of nations like Argentina, South Africa, and Uruguay.

Points of History in Radio Controlled Car Racing

The Competition All Terrain (CAT) vehicle is a legend of its own. The general public thinks of it as the crème de la crème in the 4WD off-road buggy racers. Produced in 1986 by Schumacher Racing products, the CAT proceeded to win numerous championships from 1987 to 1996.

The Losi family is credited for numerous inventions that radically changed the RC car racing industry.

Masami Hirosaka is the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of RC car racing; he has won first place in everything except the 1/10 category.

If it’s time for you to race your RC car, we wish you all the luck!