Racing RC Cars

Gmade 1/10 GR01 GOM Rockbuggy RTR GM56010 $750.00




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Racing RC Cars

Vaterra Halix 1/10 Scale 4WD Monster Truck First run on 3S

Racing RC Cars

Gmade 2x6mm nickel round head tapping screw GMA0198

Racing RC Cars

LaTrax Alias – Episode 2 Multiple Flips and Rolls

Racing RC Cars

GH Scaler Message Trailer – Part of the GHST Series

The newest addition to the Goodson’s Hobbies Scaler Trailer Series – the GH Message Trailer. I’ve included all the necessary components for printing here, however you can use the suspension interchangeably with the other GHST components if you want to use the 1.9 wheels, tires, fenders, etc.

Reference the build video on YouTube here for assembly instructions:

I hope you like printing the GH Message Trailer. I had fun making this design and am happy to provide it for free. If you routinely pay $4 for a coffee or $3 for an energy drink, I ask you to consider donating or tipping me for the hours I have spent working on designing and printing the GHST. Follow me here and on Instagram (@goodsons_hobbies) to keep up with my latest work. I’m open to feedback and ideas, comment or message me I usually respond within a day.

You will need to print the following:
1x MessageTrailer – Frame
1x SignMount (2x or 3x depending on number of LED signs being used)
1x SignRetainer (2x or 3x)
1x SolarStand
1x SolarPanel
1x Lid
2x LeafSpring
2x LeafMountInner
2x LeafMountOuter
1x Shackle L
1x Shackle R
2x TailLightLens
2x TailLightHousing
4x Leg (short or long)
1x Lock Pin (prints in quantity of 4)

Optional parts to print
1x BatteryBank (drops into storage compartment)
1x HitchBallReceiver
Scale printable wheels tires and axle:
2x 15WagonWheels
2x 15TireRoundLogo
1x NarrowAxle

Rotate everything to print flat. You will need support on a few items including the SignMount, Frame, and TailLightLens.

LED Name Tags/ Message Displays
Will require 2 or 3. They appear similarly sized from many vendors including eBay, Amazon, Banggood, and AliExpress. Roughly 92mm wide, 30mm tall, and 6mm deep on the outside edges.

Assembly hardware (change as you see fit or substitute glue):
12x M2x5 self tapping screws
4x M2x8 self tapping screws
6x M3x12
1x M3 set screw for hitch ball receiver
1x 1mm or about .040″ diameter wire, or substitute and drill for hinge

Find my GHST collection here: to finish off your build

I would love to see your makes, post here or tag me on instagram

find me on instagram @goodsons_hobbies

Racing RC Cars

Pro Tips by David Ronnefalk: How to build Performa shock caps

Source: David Ronnefalk (YouTube)

Former World Champion David Ronnefalk is back with another ‘Pro Tips’ video talking about how he builds his Performa Racing shock caps consistently each time. Good watching and feel free to subscribe David’s YouTube Chanel!

Racing RC Cars


Racing RC Cars

Looking to copy my 1:1

Does anyone know where i can find a 1997-2003 f150 supercab 1:10 body i have only found 1 one ebay and they wanted $175 for it and it was single cab

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Racing RC Cars

2020 Track Open!

Good Morning Racers!
Here is a quick rundown on the rules of engagement for the track. As of today, you are welcome at the track any time it is open, however during the Covid-19 regulations you do need reserve your time slot. Time slots MUST be reserved before that time slot starts. In other words, if you want to run from 9am to noon, you will need to reserve it before 8am, since the time slot is from 8am to noon. After 8am the time slot is not available (it’s a limitation on the program we purchased). Likewise, if you want to head out after work at 5pm, you will need to reserve it before 4pm.
Time slots run:
8am to 12 noon
12 noon to 4pm
4pm to 8pm
Only 5 spots are available for each slot. If you can’t reserve it, either the time has already started or it is full. Once you reserve a spot, you will be taken to the payment page. Ok… let’s get to it!
The link to register is here –

Racing RC Cars

Axial SCX24 Free suspension mod