RC Car Maintenance

Reparing Your RC Cars

When a person buys a car from a dealer, the only way to make the vehicle last for 5 years or longer is through proper care. This can be done visually or brought to the shop after reaching a certain mileage for preventive maintenance.

The same thing but in a smaller scale is done for radio controlled cars. This should be done after each run that will usually take 30 minutes to an hour. Here are a few tips on repairing radio controlled cars.

1. First, a visual inspection should be made over the entire vehicle. This will make it easy for the person to identify any cracks, leaks or broken parts that have to be glued or replaced.

2. Radio controlled cars using batteries should be disconnected and recharged. Those that use oil should be drained to prevent condensation to build up inside that could damage the engine.

3. The suspension of most radio controlled cars endures a lot of beating after engaging in hair pin turns, long jumps and various terrains. A person can make sure this is still in good condition by pressing on that section of the vehicle and by adding oil to the shocks.

4. The jumps and spins may also cause some screws to come loose over time. The individual should have a screw driver nearby to tighten them. Those that appear secure should be given a coat of thread locking compound to make sure they stay in place.

5. Radio controlled cars use rubber tires. After a few spins, they will develop some cuts and gashes which occur due to the quality of the road. If these are no longer able to maintain a good grip on the road, the individual should have them replaced at once with new ones from the hobby store.

6. If some paint has chipped off or holes have developed around the radio controlled car, the hobbyist can fix them using some paint and a pack of glue.

Once all of these are done, it is time to end the maintenance check using some paper towels and a toothbrush. These will be used to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated in the undercarriage or in those hard to reach places of the radio controlled car.

The radio controlled car is a not just a toy but a machine that requires a lot of maintenance. A person must learn how to take care of it to be able to enjoy playing with it every time it is taken to the race track.

RC Car Maintenance

Care And Maintaining You RC Vehicles

It is one thing to know how to drive the radio-controlled car; it is another to maintain it so that it will be in good condition at all times. Here are a few tips for those who want to know more about taking care of the RC and its parts.

1. Most radio-controlled cars have bushings made either of plastic or bronze. These are designed to take on the negative effects of friction when driving on the racetrack. It is advisable to replace these with balls bearings instead since these have proven to be more durable that the latter.

People who do this don’t have to change them very often and will notice that the radio-controlled car is able to maintain its speed on or off the track.

2. In most car races, the two most important things in the machine are the engine and the tires. Those who compete should not rely on hard tires but get those made of rubber. This will allow the person to make those sharp turns and while maintaining control on the road.

The radio controlled car should be examined from time to time so that the individual will know when to replace the old tires with new ones.

3. Racers need good engines when competing. A majority of radio controlled cars come with mechanical speed controls that are either rotary or wiper typed. If the racer wants to get the best performance from the machine, it would be a good idea to change these to electronic speed controls. These are maintenance free and are much smaller making the vehicle lighter and smoother to drive.

4. Radio controlled cars also need something to absorb the impact of the track called fluid damped shocks. Since these bog down due to wear and tear, the user should replace these after a few runs so that there won’t be any damage to the vehicle.

5. Radio controlled machines run on batteries. It is advisable to get those that are rechargeable so that the owner does not have to buy new ones when these are no longer as effective as they used to be.

Preventive maintenance is the best way to make sure the radio controlled car is in good condition at all times. The owner can do this alone or with the help of a technician so that parts are functioning properly on and off the track.

RC Car Maintenance

Where To Buy RC Vehicles?

Before, it was just a little boy’s toy. But now, with so many almost-real cars available on the market today, radio control cars are already considered as toys for the big boys.

Generally, radio control cars are classified as nitro powered and electric powered. Hence, these cars are being operated by powerful mechanisms that require different parts in order to function effectively.

For this reason, when a certain radio control car part fails to function normally or stops working, it is important that you replace them quickly. Repairing them could be worth your wait but you can never afford another break down after a series of repairs.

It is better to buy the parts as soon as possible in order to avoid further problems. Besides, you do not just have to buy radio control parts for immediate replacement. It is better to have a continuous supply of the radio control car parts on hand to avoid embarrassing dilemmas while you are on the race track.

If you do not know where to buy radio control car parts, here is a list of some tips to get you started.

Buy online

Many websites on the Internet cater to radio control car parts and accessories. You just have to find the site that can give you the parts that you need.

Keep in mind that not all websites can give you the same radio control car parts or the same prices so it is best to shop around and compare catalogs.

Shopping for radio control car parts online can give you a first-hand comparison of the different prices and manufacturers so that you can choose the best parts with the best deals without having to spend time, money, and effort to find the parts that you want and end up in vain.

Buy at auction sites

You can also buy radio control car parts at auction sites such as eBay. When you buy on eBay, you can expect to get first-rate deals on radio control car parts.

Hobby shops

These stores may have the best line of radio control car parts. There is no one that can give you the best parts than those who are into the same hobby themselves. Keep in mind that expertise is always the best guide in buying quality items.

So the next time you worry about where to buy radio control car parts, just check in these three venues and you will surely find the right stuff for your cars.