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Mark Snachez getting it done!!!

This is gonna be a quick report from the last four races I attended. Not having a laptop is really putting a damper on my reports. Anyhow here’s the races. I ran just nitro buggy in these.

Oeoss round 4 at Clinton County RC Raceway
Started at bq for buggy main. Had a few mistakes and battled Michael Huddleson for the bump spot. Finished Right behind him in 3rd. Ran pro line x4 fugitives in main, x3 blockades during quals. I used gold ftm grip during the main and blue during quals.

Monsters of the Midwest at JCP Rc Raceway
Was originally to be at the Edinburgh track but with threat from rain was moved to indoor in Indy. Started 6th and finished 6th in b main on pro line MC electrons. Ftm blast worked well on the clay indoor track.

DJO Rc Raceway round 4 at Wapakoneta, Ohio
Qualified 4th in the outlaw class and ended up winning it. X3 blockades with gold ftm grip helped quite a bit.

Jack’s Trax cash race from Union city. Indiana.
Qualified 2nd in the a main on x4 blockades with gold ftm grip. Ran x3 blockades in quals.
Finished with a 3rd after the 20 min main chasing down Enrique.

The last month I’ve been having a good time traveling and meeting new people. Thanks to both Aaron and Keith for always volunteering to be my pit men. Also Dads Toy Shop for getting my gear in asap. Still loving the mbx7r platforms. Ftm grip defiantly gives me a edge to complete better and better. Cow gear keeps me organized and my cars in tip top shape. Thanks to my sponsors Mugen Seiki, FTM Grip, and Cow Rc.

Racing RC Cars

Collinson Takes on Absima Team Manager Role


collinson-takes-on-absima-team-manager-roleAbsima has released a press release announcing that the multiple BRCA finalist and current UK team driver Craig Collinson has renewed his contract with Absima for a further two years. Craig will continue to race off-road with TeamC buggies equipped with the full range of Absima electronics. He will also assume to be the new Absima UK team manager from Alec Springer. Absima want to thank Alec for the good collaboration over the last years and want to congratulate Craig to his new role as Absima UK team manager and wishing him all the best. Craig had the following to say:

“I am very happy to be part of the Absima team. I believe that everyone at Absima works hard as a company to improve their products all the time. I am excited about helping them with my 14 plus years of experience and I am confident that I will be able to lead and further extend the competitive race team with drivers at all levels of support.”

Source: Absima

Racing RC Cars

Project USUS – EP1 – Traxxas Rustler VXL & Stampede 2WD

Racing RC Cars

Pro-line Racing Destroyer 2.2? Monster Truck Tire Review

The new 2.2? Destroyers are molded in the same M3 compound as it’s bigger brother. They are light weight, perfect for racing and bashing. They come with soft white foam inserts. For great scale looks, the new Destroyers 2.2 are proportioned perfectly with there replicated deep groove chevron design.


Because they are 2.2, they will fit most 1/10th scale stadium trucks, monster truck and crawlers. The wheels though are up to you. (for now) We might see them come mounted with a newly designed 2.2 Pro-line wheel later, but time will tell. They are primarily a glue on style bead, but I do see some 2.2 beadlock wheels would also work on this application, it would depend on the wheel clamp style.



Take off-
The popular m3 compound these tires are made from make them have great traction and grip on practically any terrain. The brushless system used was a 21.5 and geared between mid torque and top end. I see any motor combination from here being either stock to higher rpm, these tires will hold on. (make sure you have good tire glue)
Working hand in hand with take off, the traction on turning was great and would depend on the vehicle used. 2wd vs, 4wd would change the personal performance results, but overall they performed well.
The inner foams and soft rubber compound make landing easy and produce less excess spin off on landings.


Truth be told, I hadn’t ran my stampede for a few years, once I bought a parts truck and got it back together, these tires put a whole new look and enjoyment out of the truck. The stock wheels and tires were long gone, and the 2.2 choices had since faded other than going for the 2.8 size. These tires are as much fun to drive as their bigger brother  the Clod Buster style Destroyer. Overall these tires are fun, and I see them being adaptable to all 2.2 sized vehicles, given the proper build considerations. If you have a scale rig, crawler or 2wd basher like this, these are great option and will give you your moneys worth for lots of fun and performance.





Pro-line Racing

Racing RC Cars

RC ADVENTURES – LEARNING to DRiFT – PART 2 – Circles & Linking

Racing RC Cars

Advanced RC Driving Techniques

Racing RC Cars

The RC Pit-Stop – EP15 – Asiatees Rival upgrades & New Look

Racing RC Cars

This is RC Racing 2015 – EFRA Season Review

Racing RC Cars

Vaterra Halix 1/10 Scale 4WD Monster Truck First run on 2S

Racing RC Cars

Gmade Crawler RTR R1 Rock Buggy GM51011 1/10 ???? 4WD 4??? ?????? ????? ????? ??????? ??????


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What else you will need for ready to run

  • 2S Li-po or 7.2V NiMH Battery x 1
  • AA size batteries x 4
  • Charger x 1


2S Li-po ??? 7.2V NiMH ????? x 1
???? x 4
?????? x 1


? 290mm(11.4″)
?? 190mm(7.5″)
?? 440mm(17.3″)
??????? 310mm(12.2″)
???? 56mm(2.2″) ?????????????
????? 136mm(5.3″)
???? 59mm(2.3″)
????? 56mm(2.2″)
??? 55mm(2.2″)
Axle ground clearance 55mm(2.2″)
Center ground clearance (Droop setup) 75mm(3.0″)
Center ground clearance (Sprung setup) 95mm(3.7″)