RC Cars

Who Are The Top RC Car Manufacturers?

Genuine basketball enthusiasts are aware of the significant role played by Wilt Chamberlain in the sport. If you wish to be able to have more fun with your radio controlled cars, knowing the history of RC cars will enable you to better appreciate what you have now.

Tamiya Is Number One

This Japanese toy company was better known for producing plastic or die cast toys. In 1976, however, Tamiya was the first to produce toy cars that were defined as “suitable” for remote control. The prototypes of RC cars were crudely built, but they still sold rapidly.

Afterwards, Tamiya was able to improve and innovate by focusing less on scaling and more on the toys’ radio control feature. The new RC cars produced by the Japanese toy giant were better looking, tougher, customizable, easy to repair, and with more powerful engines. These RC cars sparked worldwide interest in the hobby. Classic products from the Tamiya RC car product line include the Blackfoot and the Hornet.

Schumacher (Not Michael)

The UK firm Schumacher made a splash in 1980 by introducing the use of ball differentials in RC cars. This improvement allowed RC car hobbyists to enjoy quicker and smoother maneuvering on and off the track. In 1986, it produced the all-powerful Competition All Terrain (CAT) vehicle, a recipient of numerous World Championships.

Associated Electrics Powers Out

In 1984, this company, based in Costa Mesa, California, manufactured the RC10 off-road electric racer. It was the first RC car that Associated Electrics produced which did not use nitromethane-powered engines and was not for on-road use. An RC car that’s built to last and endure, the RC10 had a sleeker design, was made from non-corrosive, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and with powerful shock absorbers and differential featuring. Its design and features quickly made it the electric king of off-road competition.

Team Losi

Gil Losi Jr. was born to a racing family which owned the famous Ranch Pit Shop R/C racetrack in California. Upon establishing Team Losi, Gil created the JRX-2, a buggy that was immediately set in competition against the RC car of Associated Electrics. Team Losi’s also credited for being the first to use all-natural rubber tires and creating a whole new RC car category: the 1/18 scale Mini-T electric vehicles for off-road use.

Other important RC car manufacturers are the U.S. based Traxxas and the Japanese firm Kyosho.

These fine old companies continue to dominate the racing scene up to the present. Racing any of their cars will instantly make you part of the great history of the RC car industry.

Racing RC Cars

Competitive Rc Car Racing Events

Get ready Vin Diesel. Let’s see you do your thing in the smaller but meaner track of radio controlled car racing; you can’t be a genuine radio controlled car racing aficionado until you gain real experience in any of the major racing events held around the world.

Ready, Set, IFMAR!

The International Federation of Model Auto Racing is the United Nations of radio controlled car racing. No radio controlled car racing event is considered major if it’s not under the IFMAR umbrella. Established in 1979 by Ted Longshaw, the IFMAR was finally able to provide world-recognized standards for radio controlled car racing.

The Arms of IFMAR

The organization is able to keep track of remote controlled car racing events all over the world through its alliance with the following leagues:

Bonjour EFRA!

The European Federation of RC Automobiles is the top governing body in Europe. Member countries of this bloc include Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland and Greece among others. Just visit the EFRA headquarters if you wish to test your wheels in European grounds.

FEMCA: The Guru of Remote Controlled Car Racing

The Far East Model Car Association is the governing body for RC car racing in countries such as the Philippines, Japan, Brunei, China, Australia, and New Zealand. FEMCA is the best source of information for remote controlled car racing in this part of the world.

Let Your Car Growl through ROAR

Remotely Operated Racers is the leading RC car authority in the United States of America and Canada. Its race team is also the representative of these countries at IFMAR World Championship events. It’s also the leading producer of racing champions so if you want to test your skills against the very best, drop by at ROAR’s main office.

Hola y Arriba to FAMAR

The new kid in the block, the Fourth Association of Model Auto Racing, possesses membership of nations like Argentina, South Africa, and Uruguay.

Points of History in Radio Controlled Car Racing

The Competition All Terrain (CAT) vehicle is a legend of its own. The general public thinks of it as the crème de la crème in the 4WD off-road buggy racers. Produced in 1986 by Schumacher Racing products, the CAT proceeded to win numerous championships from 1987 to 1996.

The Losi family is credited for numerous inventions that radically changed the RC car racing industry.

Masami Hirosaka is the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of RC car racing; he has won first place in everything except the 1/10 category.

If it’s time for you to race your RC car, we wish you all the luck!

RC Cars

RC Cars Are Working Scale Models

The term radio controlled car ratio can refer to two things: it could be about car scales or the pulse proportional. Whichever you’re interested in learning, both explanations shall be provided anyhow.

Radio Controlled Car Ratio: 1:10 or Something Else?
These numbers don’t require you to perform mathematical equations in order to win a race so stop worrying. Rather, when a radio controlled car is described to be 1:10 or 1/10, this simply means that the radio controlled vehicle you’re holding is ten times smaller than an actual car. Keep in mind however that the majority of purpose-built racing vehicles do not possess accurate scaling.

Races are not only classified according to the radio controlled car ratio but also according to the track condition and engine or motor type. Examples of standard radio controlled car races are as follows:

1:12, Electric, and On-Road – For this race, your car must have an electric engine, with a 1:12 scale, and be suitable for on-the-road use. On-the-road use is simpler to navigate in than off-track conditions, and this is why most on-road radio controlled cars, regardless of their ratio or scale, are not as tough or durable as off-road RC cars. Electric radio controlled car models are also simpler to use because their engines stay cleaner longer and are easier to maintain than fuel-powered cars. Rear wheel Drive Cam Am-bodied cars are an example of the type of radio controlled cars eligible for this type of race.

1:10, Nitro, Off-Road – As for this race, the type of car qualified to join should have a 1:10 scale, using a nitro engine, and be able to negotiate off-road conditions. Novices will not be particularly suited for this race category because of two reasons: off-road conditions will require more driving experience; secondly, nitro cars are harder to maneuver because they’re heavier; and thirdly, nitro engines are more difficult to maintain than electric models.

At times, races may also have space and noise requirements so a 1:10 radio controlled model can’t always expect to qualify for all races that are for cars with a 1:10 scale. The IFMAR, the world’s leading authority in RC car racing, provides clear-cut rules for races. If the race you’re considering joining isn’t part of the IFMAR calendar, simply discuss any problems you may have with the racing coordinators.

Radio Controlled Car Ratio: Pulse Proportional
Also known as the Galloping Ghost, the pulse proportional of your radio controlled car, for a simpler definition, makes it easier for your car to complete turns and generally leads to better racing performance.

We hope you learned what you needed to know about RC car ratio. Good luck at the race: ka-chow!

Racing RC Cars

Radio Control Sprint Cars

Radio controlled cars have truly come a long way from being just the toy kids got for their birthdays. Today, it has evolved into a serious hobby that has attracted the attention of racers and builders alike. They can now go faster, longer, and more accurately than ever.

If you are new to the hobby, radio controlled sprint cars are a good place to start. These 1/10 sized models of real sports cars can offer years of competitive fun and endless modification goodness. Here are some tips for you to consider when choosing a beginners radio controlled sprint car.

1. Chassis. The radio controlled car will be subjected to hundreds of crashes, spinouts, bumps and abuse throughout its lifespan. You have to make sure it has a tough chassis to keep up with this damage. Most sprint cars have a chassis that are made of plastic composites.

Good chassis do not bend or flex when pressured. Make sure that it can absorb damage without compromising the car’s performance. Foam bumpers are a plus to protect against impacts.

2. Suspension. A good suspension system is necessary for the car to absorb punishment from crashes and falls. Different radio controlled sprint cars have different suspension systems. It is best to look for those that can be modified and tuned to your desires. Also, they should be able to absorb curb attacks and keep the car running smoothly.

3. Radio Equipment. Make sure that the radio equipment for your sprint car is top notch. Check for response and coverage. The car should react instantaneously to the controller and should be relatively free from external radio interference. The controller itself should allow smooth handling of the car. Avoid cheap equipment that sticks when used.

4. Performance. Take the sprint car for a test drive before purchasing it. Mark its speed, (mid-range sprint cars go for about 20 mph) for benchmarking. Speed may not really be an issue, so you don’t really have to go for the expensive speed devils, but it is also important to note. Take close note of its handling, however.

To test for this, give the car a run on a smooth surface first. Test left and right steering response (they should be calibrated equally). Check the braking and reversing as well. Note if you notice any gear skipping as a result of the experiment try running the car on a slightly rough surface to get a feel for its suspension. Make sure that the car still runs smoothly.

RC Car Maintenance

Reparing Your RC Cars

When a person buys a car from a dealer, the only way to make the vehicle last for 5 years or longer is through proper care. This can be done visually or brought to the shop after reaching a certain mileage for preventive maintenance.

The same thing but in a smaller scale is done for radio controlled cars. This should be done after each run that will usually take 30 minutes to an hour. Here are a few tips on repairing radio controlled cars.

1. First, a visual inspection should be made over the entire vehicle. This will make it easy for the person to identify any cracks, leaks or broken parts that have to be glued or replaced.

2. Radio controlled cars using batteries should be disconnected and recharged. Those that use oil should be drained to prevent condensation to build up inside that could damage the engine.

3. The suspension of most radio controlled cars endures a lot of beating after engaging in hair pin turns, long jumps and various terrains. A person can make sure this is still in good condition by pressing on that section of the vehicle and by adding oil to the shocks.

4. The jumps and spins may also cause some screws to come loose over time. The individual should have a screw driver nearby to tighten them. Those that appear secure should be given a coat of thread locking compound to make sure they stay in place.

5. Radio controlled cars use rubber tires. After a few spins, they will develop some cuts and gashes which occur due to the quality of the road. If these are no longer able to maintain a good grip on the road, the individual should have them replaced at once with new ones from the hobby store.

6. If some paint has chipped off or holes have developed around the radio controlled car, the hobbyist can fix them using some paint and a pack of glue.

Once all of these are done, it is time to end the maintenance check using some paper towels and a toothbrush. These will be used to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated in the undercarriage or in those hard to reach places of the radio controlled car.

The radio controlled car is a not just a toy but a machine that requires a lot of maintenance. A person must learn how to take care of it to be able to enjoy playing with it every time it is taken to the race track.

RC Cars

Where To Sell Your RC Vehicles?

The fascination for radio-controlled cars always starts when someone gives the person a set to play with at home. As that individual grows older and wants to experience more of the thrill of the action, the allowance is saved up enabling one to modify or buy a brand new unit.

As people grow older, radio controlled cars are given up and replaced with real automobiles. The controls may be different since the individual is in the driver’s seat and no longer a few feet away; but the directions are still the same. A step on the pedal or steering the wheel will still make it go forward or back and left or right.

But the hobbyist doesn’t have to give up on the toy. Instead of buying and playing with the remote control car, why not do the opposite and make money selling it?

In the years that the person had the radio control, he has learned the dos and don’ts about handling this machine. This includes making repairs and knowing the latest trends, which have revolutionized this hobby ever since it started in the 1960’s.

So, what does it take to sell radio controlled cars aside from the knowing how to make repairs? For starters, a supplier that can give the individual a few units to start with which can grow from there. It would also be a good idea to sell some parts and accessories since many hobbyists will have to replace them due to wear and tear.

The next thing the hobbyist will need is a place to sell these items. If the entrepreneur doesn’t have enough money to open a store, one can do this by offering the remote controlled cars for sale by renting a stall during a competition or participating in a convention.

Another place where this can be done is from the home. The individual can take a few pictures and create a website or a blog so that people who would like to buy can also examine the specs before placing an order.

The person should make sure that there is a customer hotline to answer any problems that are encountered after purchasing a product. Good service even after the transaction has ended will keep these regular patrons always coming back for more.

Some people think that radio controlled cars are just for kids. It will be surprising to know that there are individuals in the late 20’s and 30’s who still go to the track and race around it just for fun.  Everyone is still a kid at heart and those who don’t want to drive can still enjoy this hobby by selling these toys.

RC Car Maintenance

Care And Maintaining You RC Vehicles

It is one thing to know how to drive the radio-controlled car; it is another to maintain it so that it will be in good condition at all times. Here are a few tips for those who want to know more about taking care of the RC and its parts.

1. Most radio-controlled cars have bushings made either of plastic or bronze. These are designed to take on the negative effects of friction when driving on the racetrack. It is advisable to replace these with balls bearings instead since these have proven to be more durable that the latter.

People who do this don’t have to change them very often and will notice that the radio-controlled car is able to maintain its speed on or off the track.

2. In most car races, the two most important things in the machine are the engine and the tires. Those who compete should not rely on hard tires but get those made of rubber. This will allow the person to make those sharp turns and while maintaining control on the road.

The radio controlled car should be examined from time to time so that the individual will know when to replace the old tires with new ones.

3. Racers need good engines when competing. A majority of radio controlled cars come with mechanical speed controls that are either rotary or wiper typed. If the racer wants to get the best performance from the machine, it would be a good idea to change these to electronic speed controls. These are maintenance free and are much smaller making the vehicle lighter and smoother to drive.

4. Radio controlled cars also need something to absorb the impact of the track called fluid damped shocks. Since these bog down due to wear and tear, the user should replace these after a few runs so that there won’t be any damage to the vehicle.

5. Radio controlled machines run on batteries. It is advisable to get those that are rechargeable so that the owner does not have to buy new ones when these are no longer as effective as they used to be.

Preventive maintenance is the best way to make sure the radio controlled car is in good condition at all times. The owner can do this alone or with the help of a technician so that parts are functioning properly on and off the track.

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How To Upgrade Your RC Cars?

RC hobbyists have been more and more inclined into tinkering with their radio controlled vehicles; whether in pursuit of learning more about the technicalities of their RC’s or saving on maintenance fees. RC enthusiasts are trying to be more adept with the repairs and upgrading needs of their collections.

Since radio controlled cars are no longer considered just kids’ toys, but more of  an investment of time and money; increasing their value with the addition of new parts or altering some of their mechanical capacities to improve their performance has become the norm.

A hobby-grade RC car is usually the only type of these vehicles that can be upgraded. The installation of a new motor, a better tire or body is commonly what RC aficionados do when upgrading their RC’s.

External modifications of an RC car

Indeed, it’s the internal parts of a radio controlled car that makes it work. But it would look a lot cooler if you try to improve its external parts, right? The usual “mods” or modifications that RC aficionados do to the external parts of their RC’s include repainting, which can be more fun if the owner chooses to have some intricate designs on his RC. Adding some decals with the use of your PC and trusty inkjet printer can also be a good external mod for your RC.

Wheels and tires modifications

It’s an option whether an RC car owner just wants to dye the rims of his RC’s or would prefer to change the tires altogether. Choosing the right foam tires and/or performance tires to improve the racing capacity of your RC is one trick that an RC enthusiast should never overlook if he or she wants to become his or her own efficient RC handyman.

Nitro or Electric modifications for RC cars

This kind of modification requires an ample amount of “geekiness” really. Not many know which engine to choose if they are into this endeavor. If you’re aiming to better the performance of your nitro-powered radio controlled vehicle, installing a tuned pipe is one popular way to do it. Maybe a video tutorial or just any illustrated do-it-yourself RC mod project site can help you.

For those with electric-powered RC’s, usually changing the motor will do.

And by the way, usually, radio controlled cars come with upgrade kits when purchased. Think of maximizing these kits first before buying any new tool or upgrade items.

RC Car Maintenance

Where To Buy RC Vehicles?

Before, it was just a little boy’s toy. But now, with so many almost-real cars available on the market today, radio control cars are already considered as toys for the big boys.

Generally, radio control cars are classified as nitro powered and electric powered. Hence, these cars are being operated by powerful mechanisms that require different parts in order to function effectively.

For this reason, when a certain radio control car part fails to function normally or stops working, it is important that you replace them quickly. Repairing them could be worth your wait but you can never afford another break down after a series of repairs.

It is better to buy the parts as soon as possible in order to avoid further problems. Besides, you do not just have to buy radio control parts for immediate replacement. It is better to have a continuous supply of the radio control car parts on hand to avoid embarrassing dilemmas while you are on the race track.

If you do not know where to buy radio control car parts, here is a list of some tips to get you started.

Buy online

Many websites on the Internet cater to radio control car parts and accessories. You just have to find the site that can give you the parts that you need.

Keep in mind that not all websites can give you the same radio control car parts or the same prices so it is best to shop around and compare catalogs.

Shopping for radio control car parts online can give you a first-hand comparison of the different prices and manufacturers so that you can choose the best parts with the best deals without having to spend time, money, and effort to find the parts that you want and end up in vain.

Buy at auction sites

You can also buy radio control car parts at auction sites such as eBay. When you buy on eBay, you can expect to get first-rate deals on radio control car parts.

Hobby shops

These stores may have the best line of radio control car parts. There is no one that can give you the best parts than those who are into the same hobby themselves. Keep in mind that expertise is always the best guide in buying quality items.

So the next time you worry about where to buy radio control car parts, just check in these three venues and you will surely find the right stuff for your cars.

RC Cars

Buying Zipzap Radio Control Cars

Technically every stage of the radio controlled car revolution has had its own killer power engines. Way back in the radio controlled cars’ early stages it was the “small, nitromethane-powered engine” car that got many people interested in radio controlled cars.

Then, the ZipZaps came along. These are diminutive radio controlled cars being marketed by Radio Shack. They are considered more as miniature monsters waiting for their own killer engines to emerge.

They were first launched in the market as “micro RCs” due to their undersized structures. However, even if they are small, electrically powered radio controlled cars, they appear bigger to some extent than Matchbox and Hot Wheels.

The good thing about ZipZaps is that you can modify them. In other words, you can convert or tailor your radio controlled car’s appearance, performance, and power according to your needs and wants.

When you buy ZipZaps radio controlled cars, you already get a pre-constructed chassis with integrated “nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries.”  However, the tires, gears, and “hubcaps” can be modified for optimum performance and form.

You can also modify the total outer appearance by changing “body shells,” which can be attached at the uppermost portion of the chassis. In turn, you can easily disguise your
ZipZaps as any car model that you like such as Ford GT, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz SL, etc.

When it comes to racing, ZipZaps can only be accommodated twice in a race. This means that three or more ZipZaps are impossible to race in a given venue. It is simply because ZipZaps only work at two frequencies – 49 MHz and 27 MHz.

If you are planning to buy ZipZaps radio controlled cars in the future, try to remember these pointers:

1. Set your budget

Even if most ZipZaps are more affordable than most hobby-grade radio controlled cars, they can still cost you a fortune. You must set aside a specific budget for your radio controlled hobby. You really have to set up a budget especially if you are just starting out with your hobby.

Starter kits for ZipZaps radio controlled cars are usually more affordable than other radio controlled cars. Maintenance and repairs are also more reasonably priced.

2. Learn to drive it

Buying ZipZaps may not be advantageous if you do not know how to drive a radio controlled car in the first place. Even if they are mini cars, they can be very powerful.

Just try to remember these pointers and you will surely get the best ZipZaps deals.